Python Paste

Python Paste brings consistency to Python web development and web application installation, providing tools for both developers and system administrators.


Paste has passed version 1.0. Paste is an actively maintained project. As of 1.0 (and actually before) we'll make a strong effort to maintain backward compatibility. This will include deprecation warnings when necessary. Major changes will take place under new functions or with new entry points.

Using Paste does not exclude the use of other WSGI libraries and components. There's really no advantage to putting new development or major rewrites in Paste, as opposed to putting them in new packages. Because of this it is planned that major new development will happen outside of Paste. This makes Paste a very stable and conservative piece of infrastructure for building on. This is the intention.

Paste for Administrators

  • Easily install, run, and configure multiple Paste-enabled web applications at once, and integrate them into your website how you want (SCGI, FCGI, AJP, WSGI)
  • Manage and install web applications system-wide for easy maintenance

Paste for Web Developers

  • Increase your web application's audience
  • Provide starter templates and custom commands for using your web framework
  • Keep your development and deployment straightened out, and your automated testing streamlined
  • Attention paid to the full development cycle -- starting projects, converting old projects, updating and deploying projects -- using a set of complementary packages and tools
  • read more about some of the available features


Paste is distributed under the MIT license.

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