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Tier 1 (OC3 or faster)

Country (Region)
State (Area)
Organization Name
Direct DVD
CanadaABTELUS Communications IncAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
USAKUniversity of Alaska - GINAAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
USAZEasynewsAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
USCACSU Monterey BayAllAllYes HTTP 
USCAHarvey Mudd CollegeAllAllno HTTP 
USCALBL BerkeleyAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
USCALinux Kernel ArchivesAllAllYes HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
USCAStanford UniversityAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
USCATiatera.comAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
USCAUniversity of Southern California3 4 Allno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
USFLomnispring.comAlli386 x86_64 ia64no HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
USFLUniversity of South Florida4 5Allno HTTP   FTP 
USGAGeorgia TechAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
USIAIowa City Public Library3 4 5Allno HTTP 
USILArgonne National LaboratoryAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
USILNat. Ctr. for Supercomputing ApplicationAllAllno HTTP 
USILReflected NetworksAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
USILSteadfast NetworksAlli386 x86_64Yes HTTP 
USMDSmith School of Business, U of MD3 4 5i386no HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
USMIInterworxAllAllno HTTP 
USNJdaemonbox.netAllAllno  FTP 
USNJinterserver.netAllAllno HTTP   RSYNC 
USNVVersaweb Hosting ServicesAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
USOHJTL NetworksAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
USOROregon State UniversityAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
USORPortland State Univ.AllAllno HTTP   RSYNC 
USPAPenn Center for BioinformaticsAllAllno  FTP 
USTX1-800-hosting.comAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
USUTOpen Source Software MirrorAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
USUTUniversity of UtahAllAllYes HTTP   RSYNC 
USVAFast-Serv NetworksAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
USVAMyriad Network3 4 i386 x86_64no HTTP   FTP 
USVAVirginia TechAllAllYes HTTP   FTP 
USWITDS Internet ServicesAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
USWIUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUAustriaGoodie Domain Service (4 only)Allno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUBelgiumBelgacom S.A.AllAllno HTTP   FTP 
EUBelgiumBelnetAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUBulgariaSKKNET.netAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
EUCzech RepublicBrno University of TechnologyAllAllYes HTTP   RSYNC 
EUCzech RepublicKarneval MediaAllAllYes HTTP   FTP 
EUCzech RepublicMendel Univ. of Agriculture and ForestryAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
EUCzech RepublicSilicon HillAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUCzech RepublicUniversity of PardubiceAllAllYes HTTP   FTP 
EUDenmarkPhysics Dept, Technical Univ of DenmarkAllno HTTP 
EUEnglandDediPower Managed HostingAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
EUEnglandUK Mirror Service - Univ. KentAllAllYes HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUEnglandWarwick UniversityAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUEnglandZanker.Org4 5i386 x86_64no HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUFinlandcentos.siirappi.com3 4 5i386 x86_64no HTTP   FTP 
EUFinlandCSC / FunetAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUFranceDistrib CoffeeAllAllYes HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUFranceftp.free.frAllAllYes  FTP 
EUFranceircamAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUFranceRelouFR NetworksAllAllno HTTP   RSYNC 
EUGermanyHost EuropeAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUGermanyIntergeniaAllAllno HTTP   RSYNC 
EUGermanyRWTH Aachen UniversityAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
EUGermanyTU ChemnitzAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUGermanyUniversity of Applied Sciences EsslingenAllAllYes HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUGreeceFaculty of Medicine, Univ. of Crete4 5i386 x86_64no HTTP 
EUGreeceTEI Athens - Elec Eng DeptAllAllno HTTP 
EUHungaryFree Software Network foundationAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUIrelandHEAnetAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUIsraelsPD Hostingi386 x86_64no HTTP 
EUItalyDaniele CarbonettiAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EULuxembourgLuxHostingAllAllno HTTP 
EUNetherlandsNLUUGAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUNetherlandsUniversity of UtrechtAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUNorwayUniversity of Bergen, Informatics DeptAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUPolandLublin University of TechnologyAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUPortugalnfsi telecomAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
EUPortugalUniv. of Coimbra, Informatics Eng. Dept.AllAllno HTTP   FTP 
EURomaniaRomanian Education Network, Iasi BranchAllAllYes HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EURomaniaRomanian Linux Users GroupAlli386 x86_64 ia64no HTTP   FTP 
EURomaniaUPC RomaniaAllAllYes HTTP   FTP 
EURussiaChg-FREEnetAllAllYes HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUSloveniaARNESAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
EUSloveniaBEVC.netAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
EUSpainUniversidad de ValladolidAllAllYes HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUSpainUniversitat de LleidaAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
EUSwedenHalmstad UniversityAlli386 x86_64no HTTP   FTP 
EUSwedenNational Supercomputer Center, LinköpingAllAllYes HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUTurkeyHacettepe University - CS & Eng DeptAlli386no  FTP 
EUUkraineReal Virtuality, Ltd.AllAllYes HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
AsiaChina - Hong KongHostrinoAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
AsiaJapanInternet Initiative Japan Inc.AllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
AsiaJapanNARA Inst of Science and TechnologyAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
AsiaJapanRIKEN Research InstituteAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
AsiaJapanYamagata UniversityAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
AsiaKoreaLTN CommunityAllAllYes HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
AsiaKoreaMirr4u.ComAllAllYes HTTP   RSYNC 
AsiaKoreasecuidc.comAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
AsiaSingaporeAverse.netAllAllYes HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
AsiaSingaporeezNetworking Solutions5i386 x86_64no  FTP   RSYNC 
AsiaTaiwanI-Shou UniversityAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
AsiaTaiwanNational Chi Nan UniversityAllAllYes HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
AsiaTaiwanTNC education network centerAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
OceaniaBrisbanePlanet MirrorAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
OceaniaMelbourneMonash UniversityAlli386 x86_64no HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
OceaniaSydneyPacific Net AUAlli386 x86_64Yes HTTP   FTP 
South AmericaChileTelmex Chile Internet S.A.AllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 

Tier 2 (Slower than OC3 but faster than T1)

Country (Region)
State (Area)
Organization Name
Direct DVD
USAZCavecreek Web HostingAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
USCARedwireAllAllno HTTP 
USCOtummy.comAllAllno HTTP 
USFLAtlantic.Net3 4 5i386no  FTP 
USGANewnan UtilitiesAllAllYes HTTP   FTP 
USMAUnborn Media Inc.AllAllno HTTP 
CanadaMBWestman Communications GrpAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
USNCWake Forest BioChemistry Dept.AllAllno HTTP 
USNJNet Access CorporationAllAllno HTTP 
USNYNew York InternetAllAllno  FTP 
EUCyprusCytanet ISP3 4 5i386 x86_64no HTTP 
EUDenmarkKLIDAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
EUFranceInstitut PasteurAllAllno  FTP 
EUGermanyFinancial.comAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
EUPolandICM WarsawAllAllno HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
EUPolandpbone.netAlli386 x86_64no  FTP   RSYNC 
EUSwedenDatorSektionen, Jönköping UniveristyAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
AsiaIndiaIndian Institute of Technology, MadrasAlli386 x86_64no HTTP   FTP   RSYNC 
OceaniaNew Zealandwicks.co.nzAlli386 x86_64 alphano  FTP 
South AmericaChileNetGlobalis3 4 i386 x86_64 alphano HTTP   FTP 
South AmericaPuerto RicoUniversity of Puerto Rico - HPCFAllAllno HTTP   FTP 
South AmericaVenezuelaUniversidad de Carabobo4 5i386no  FTP 

128 of 168 mirrors are current (updated within the last 24 hours). Out of date mirrors are NOT LISTED above. Please visit mirror-status.centos.org for details.

last update: Mon May 21 12:23:01 UTC 2007
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