Project Goals:

  1. Do the simplest thing that could possibly work.

  2. Nothing to 1.0 in four(ish) days.

  3. Targets the 80% use case.

  4. Uses Rake, as god intended.

  5. Use the right tool for the job (ssh, rsync, etc).

  6. Fold in the Rails Machine recipes.

  7. Clever is bad. Period.

Download & Install

sudo gem install vlad

Watch the screencast!Screencast.html

Vlad the Deployer

Pragmatic application deployment automation, without mercy.


All documentation is provided via rdoc.

The RDoc, The RDoc. What what? The RDoc.

Getting Started & Other Examples

Migrating from Capistrano

Frequently Asked Questions

Vlad Variables

File a Bug,

Make a Suggestion/Request,

Send us Love/Hate Mail

Special thanks to:

Scott Barron for an awesome project name!

Bradley Taylor for letting us steal from RailsMachine sans-LGPL.


  1. Full deployment automation stack.

  2. Only 3 mandatory variables to set.

  3. Turnkey deployment for mongrel+apache+svn.

  4. Very few dependencies. All simple.

  5. Uses ssh with your ssh settings already in place.

  6. Uses rsync for efficient transfers.

  7. Exec remote commands on one or more servers.

  8. Syncs files to one or more servers.

  9. Mix and match local and remote tasks.

  10. Built on rake. Easy!

  11. Test driven design. Runs in 0.02 seconds.

  12. Engine is under 500 lines of code.

  13. Super uper simple.

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