Cfengine Podcast

Ian Southham of Schuberg Philis meets Ken Fallon to talk about what cfengine is all about in this eloquent podcast. YouTube.

Promise Theory and Cfengine Explained

Mark Burgess recently gave a presentation on Promise Theory and Cfengine 3 at Google on his way to LISA 08 (appearing a little jet-lagged and tongue-tied on occasion). It is now visible on YouTube.

Second edition of classic reference

The second edition of this important cfengine reference is now available from Apress. The book has been completely revised, once again with cfengine author Mark Burgess as technical advisor, and contains many enhancements and new examples.

Cfengine wishes Nate and Kirk all the best with this project. It deserves to become a classic.

View a sample chapter here or go straight to the Apress website.

cfengine on front page

Cfengine is on the front page of this edition of the April edition of Linux jounal with an article by Scott Lackey on setting up.

Interest in configuration management and in cfengine has been growing over the past few years. This is reflected by a surge of activity in the area.

Effective automation is one of the surest ways of decreasing costs in the datacentre.

Introducing cfengine to the Far East

A new web page explaining the basic concepts of cfengine for readers of Mandarin and Simplified Chinese. Conquering the data centres of the East.

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