Hosting Services

Free for Open Source Projects

Free for All Projects

  • Assembla provides a Subversion/Trac service which is free. You control access so private developments can be hosted. There is an explanation of why it is free.
  • Beanstalk offers a free limited service, and will be offering paid for services.
  • XP Development Tools


  • A2 Hosting - testimonials on their site.
  • Slik Subversion hosting, there is a free account with very limited storage.
  • LCube - a German site offering Subversion hosting.
  • Springloops which is aimed at web developers.
  • Unfuddle has a free basic account.
  • Clearvision offer hosting and support for Subversion.
  • Versionshelf offers effortless and secure Subversion Hosting. Versionshelf has a streamlined webinterface to configure and access repositories, users, ACLs, rss feeds, external commit triggers, backups, ... easily. Access is always secured through secure 128-bit SSL data encryption.
  • Hosted Projects - Several Subversion hosting plans.
  • ProSVN - Has a free option. Also hosts Trac.
  • TextDrive - A range of hosting options and an offsite backup service.
  • Dreamhost - Webhosting plus subversion
  • GeekISP - Webhosting plus subversion details here
  • AVLUX - Webhosting which includes Subversion repositories.
  • DevGuard - affordable, fast, secure and easy.
  •, LLC - Commercial Subversion hosting, Bugzilla hosting, professional services and Subversion technical support contracts
  • CVSDude - Free and commercial Subversion and CVS hosting.
  • ObjectWeb - Open Source Middleware. GForge hosting.
  • - Commercial hosting from small repositories to dedicated hosting servers.
  • - Professional Subversion and Trac hosting. Plans ranging from personal accounts to managed servers.
  • ProjectLocker - Managed source control solution with no pre set limit on the repository size.
  • Projxpert - Professional Software Project Hosting. Manage multiple projects, forums, manage their issues, requirements and version control with minimal fuss.
  • CollabNet - Distributed Development On Demand. See CollabNet CollabNet Subversion On Demand for smaller scale use.
  • The File High Club offers professional Subversion hosting, concentrating on security and reliability. We even have a free trial so you can try our augmented service for yourself.
  • Assembla offers free Subversion and Trac hosting for all projects. It also include many other tools for building and managing distributed software teams.
  • Provides enterprise-class, secure and fully backed up hosting services for Subversion and Bugzilla
  • 8svn provide a pay as you go Subversion hosting service.
  • Weble is not en English language site so if you read Belgian please add a comment describing this service.
  • SSH Control provides Git, Mercurial (hg), and Subversion (svn) service over SSH commercially.

Virtual Servers provide a powerful way to host subversion repositories.

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SempiHost - Hospedagem de Sites

You can also have a look at SempiHost, they have some pretty good servers with them.
hospedagem de Sites
Plans in Planos de Hospedagem

8svn Unlimited Account

I am using a $9.99 unlimited plan from 8svn. Prior to this I was on their standard pay as you go plan for over a year and without any trouble. Top notch support to boot.

New surrounding area for web developers

The new comfortable commercial solution demobereich includes free
Subversion hosting and free Trac and offers a lot of additional features
for project developement.

ActiveState's Workspace

Another service that's just in public beta is Workspace from ActiveState:


Weble is providing commercial subversion hosting including trac, websvn. This can be both on a private virtual machine or on a secure shared server.

SVN site does commercial subversion hosting

SVN site offers commercial Subversion hosting.

A2 Hosting SVN Hosting

At A2 Hosting, you will find developer friendly Subversion hosting from just $4.95/month. Feel free to visit here for more specific information: SVN Hosting. - Svn/Trac/WebDav Hosting

Project Hut provides a range of affordable Subversion, Trac and WebDAV hosting plans for collaborative project development in an integrated environment.

All accounts come with unlimited groups and users, your own private SSL subdomain and the ability to download a daily archive of all your data for free. Data is backed up hourly to multiple off-site servers for extra reliability. provides managed web hosting

Web hosting Uk provides range of hosting services from shared hosting to dedicated hosting with 24/7 technical support.

Assembla updates allows trac and subversion import. Check video tutorials how to import Trac and Subversion.

Increased free disk space from 200Mb to 500Mb. 2Gb for only 19$/month.

Virtual Private Server hosting provider

VPSLink provides virtual private server hosting plans with full root access which could easily accommodate a private Subversion repository. offers a range offers a range of managed hosting plans with full support for Subversion.

CodeSpaces do subversion hosting do Secure Subversion hosting with Project Management, Issue Tracking and much more.

Free accounts are availible.

Managed Dedicated Servers

You can also have a look at bodhost, they have some pretty good servers with them.


You should add DevjaVu in there somewhere. It fits all three groups. :P