Public Git hosting sites

Here are some places that provide free Git hosting.

List is limited to sites that provide explicit Git hosting, not including generic hosting sites that can be used to host Git repositories.

Provider Framework is open-source? Support for other SCM Open-source repositories Space Free private repositories
GitEnterprise No No No 1Gb Up to 10 users Yes No Yes No Yes SVN Yes 2Gb Yes
GitHub No No Yes 300Mb No
Codesion No CVS Yes 200Mb 1 user only
Codaset No CVS Yes 500Mb 1 project only, unlimited collaborators
Codebase No Mercurial/SVN No public access 20Mb 1 project, 2 collaborators
Unfuddle No SVN Yes 200Mb 1 project, 2 collaborators

General software

Those are public Git hosting sites where any project can be hosted, perhaps with exception to requirements for license used (some hosting sites require project to be open source or free software).

  • GitEnterprise is a Git hosting service (that can be also installed on site) that provides a set of features tailored for the enterprise. It delivers an easy web user interface for all administrative operations, a set of security enhancements out of the box (full audit, full access control on repositories, branch level permissions), full repositories navigation and visualization, a comprehensive access model (domains,groups,users), SSO integration. A freemium plan (10 users / 1GB, unlimited projects) is available for free. All repositories are private.
  •, public Git hosting site, maintained by Petr Baudis but slowly transferring to team of volunteers. Very basic custom web interface for creating or forking projects, uses gitweb with custom modifications as web interface. The first public Git hosting site
  •, public GIT hosting site for open source, private and commercial development projects. provides GIT with 2 GB free disk storage per project , but an unlimited number of projects. GIT repositories are connected to a comprehensive project management plugin where users can organize, plan and maintain their projects - alone and with others. itself is an Open Source project based on AGPLv3, non-commercial, advertising free and free-of-charge. The service is based on Amazon Web Services cloud computing capabilities which provides save and reliable development environment.
  • GitHub is public Git hosting site for both public, open source projects and private, proprietary codes. GitHub is not open source. Free accounts (applicable to Open Source projects) are limited to 300MB disk space. Also, if the original author chooses to remove her account, it also takes out all the repositories created by her.
  • Codesion Enterprise Git and Subversion hosting, and Software project management. Includes free and open source plans since 2002.
  • Codaset hosts free, private and semi-private Git based projects, and provides each of your projects with web based Git source control, issue/ticket management, a wiki, blog, and an advanced permissions system, amongst others.
  • Codebase is a Git hosting service with full online source browser, changeset viewer, deployment tracking, along with ticketing and other project management functionality. Designed for private/company projects.
  • Unfuddle (Software Project Management: Git and Subversion Hosting), free (or different payment plans) but not open source.
  • InDefero offers free Git hosting with private/public projects, bug tracking, code review, file sharing and more (it started as a Google Code clone), the full code of InDefero is available (GPL). Not free anymore apparently.
  • Savannah (gitweb) is hosting facility for GNU software, with companion site for hosting Free Software. Savannah uses clean-up branch of Savane, which does have Git support
    See also: UsingGit (user) documentation.
  • software development site
  • SourceForge.JP provides Git hosting for open source projects, including gitweb. See documentation
  • provides public free and paid Git, Subversion, and Mercurial project hosting over SSH.
  • TuxFamily (gitweb) is hosting facility for FLOSS software (software with libre license, for example GPL, BSD, CC-BY-SA, Art Libre,...). Includes support for Git repositories. Moderators speak English, French and Spanish.
    See also: GIT/En (in English) and GIT/Fr (in French) wiki pages.
  • Gitorious offers Git hosting to free / open source projects. Its aim is to provide way of doing distributed opensource code collaboration. Gitorious engine, which also provides web interface for Git repositories, is opensource too. Written by Johan Sørensen, in Ruby (Ruby on Rails, Mongrel)
    See also: Gitorious post on Yurii Rashkowskii's blog
  •, a public and free Git repository hosting service. Provides restricted shell to upload to server. Contact by email.
  • BerliOS provides Git hosting for open source projects, including gitweb. See documentation
  • The Chaw provides Git and SVN hosting for Open Source and commercial projects, and is developed and managed by Garrett Woodworth. The source code for The Chaw is available on The Chaw under the terms of the AGPL.
  • Assembla provides free git hosting for public projects if you use under 200Mb of disk space. Assembla site is open source, but not free.
  • A2Hosting provides paid Git hosting over SSH.
  • ProjectLocker offers Git hosting and integration with Trac. Repositories are private, designed for businesses. Free plans give limited space and users, and paid plans offer increased storage capacity and number of users.
  • SourceRepo provides paid Git hosting along with Trac project management.
  • CipherHive is a free Git/Webdav hosting repository for Open Source Developers. HotPepperHosting, the developers of CipherHive, offer custom Git/Webdav repository solutions for proprietary developers needs.
  • GitFarm A free private git hosting service built upon Google App Engine technology, good for small groups or individual developers.
  • one flat price of $6/month, 2GB of space (WebDAV + repo), Trac project management, fully customizable, regular encrypted backups to EC2
  • Provides Git hosting along with Trac project management. Integrates with various other bug/project tracking tools like Fogbugz, Lighthouse & Basecamp. Includes double backups: real-time and nightly offsite backups.
  • USLA-Tracs Users Free Software Argentina(USLA) allows the projects to be self-managed, the projects can be created vía web, and allows create a test projects for testing the service. Provides Git hosting with Trac project management.
  • Beanstalk A free private Git and Subversion hosting. Integrates with Basecamp, Lighthouse, Zendesk, Harvest, Twitter, Campfire, Freckle, Fogbugz, supports Web hooks. Can deploy your files on each commit to FTP/SFTP server. Has ability to browse source, history; add comments on commits.

Project specific Git hosting sites

  • (gitweb) for Linux kernel related projects. Uses gitweb fork with caching support. accounts are not given away very often, usually you need to be making some reasonable amount of contributions to the Linux kernel and have a good reason for wanting / needing an account.
  • (cgit), for X Window System desktop (Linux desktop infrastructure) related projects. Registering is managed by adding project registering request in Bugzilla.
    See also: Infrastructure/git (formerly UsingGit) page on wiki.
  • Alioth (gitweb) is a free software hosting system managed by the Debian project, which runs a slightly modified version of the GForge software. Most of the projects hosted by Alioth are packaging existing software in the Debian format.
    See also:
  • Fedora Hosted is a Fedora Project-sponsored way for developers to host their code and collaborate online. It provides each project with source control via git, Mercurial, bzr, and others, as well as a bug tracker and wiki via Trac. New project requests must be filled via Fedora Inftastructure Trac instance. (Primarily Fedora related but open to other Free software projects too).
  • provides Git hosting for maintainers of Debian packages.
  • RubyForge is a home for open source Ruby projects. RubyForge Git repositories are managed via gitosis; gitosis does authentication via public keys. RubyForge is based on GForge engine.
  • provides Git hosting for PostgreSQL and related projects.

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