We Find Five Exceptional Software Engineers

Our process is very simple. For $1000, we will find you 5 exceptional software engineers, for a phone interview within 30 days or your money back.

How Do We Do It?

We find your prospective employees by crawling git repositories. We are able to find and rank programmers much like Google finds and ranks websites. Using our technology we find the best software developers in every language, around the globe.

In fact, it is no secret that some of the most talented engineers are routinely hired without needing to submit a resume, or complete a code screening. In a community of engineers, these individuals are known to be valuable employees.

The best engineers can often find a new job within a few days. If your hiring process takes a few weeks, you are probably missing out on the best talent.

"Social graph of the GitHub Ruby network" [1]

The Old Way

Job seeking and hiring has traditionally followed this frustrating process:

  1. Job seeker creates a resume
  2. HR wades through piles of resumes seeking specific "buzz words"
  3. Employers send a basic screening problem to job seekers with the correct "buzz words"
  4. Those who complete the code screening ( ~30% ) are invited to a phone interview.
  5. An on-site interview is offered to some of the job applicants, often lasting 4 hours or more.
  6. A job offer is extended, or the applicant is told, "Sorry, best of luck in your search"
Screening Stage Totals
# of resumes 693
Made it to resume Review 502
Made it to code screening 185
Made it to phone interview 65
Made it to In-Person interview 38
Got an offer 15
Hires 9
(Example Real-World Recruiting Statistics from Fog Creek)

Why Resumes are Obsolete

  1. Underqualified people submit their resumes *everywhere*
  2. Job seekers commonly embellish and add buzz words to their resumes
  3. Employers get over 100 resumes per job opening. This falsely leads everyone to believe they are hiring the top 1 percent .
  4. Some of the best employees don't bother updating their resumes anymore.

"Oh hi there, I'm just reviewing the resumes for our latest job opening"

Why Code Screenings Are Obsolete

  1. Anyone can find the answer on Google
  2. The problems are often too short to be meaningful
  3. The best software engineers don't do them
  4. Over a million software developers have public repositories on http://github.com, allowing you to see how people use code to solve real problems

(The worst response ever to a code screening test)

Why only 5?

We believe that employers are looking for good employees, not a pile of resumes. By narrowing it down to 5 exceptional software engineers, we believe that employers can make a better choice than they could from a stack of 100 resumes.

Why GitHire is Great for Employers

  • We find you exceptional talent, quickly.
  • We make your hiring process significantly less expensive.
  • We guarantee satisfaction or you don't pay, so you have nothing to lose.

Why GitHire is Great for Software Developers

  • We don't waste your time. We simply ask if you are interested in interviewing for a job, or not.
  • Your public code speaks for itself. We will never ask you to complete a code screening.
  • We strive for the highest level of transparency. We will almost always tell you the name of the company, and hopefully provide you with a salary range up-front.
  • We try to pay back the good karma to developers who have publicly posted their high-quality source code, by providing them with high-quality job opportunities.

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