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我很激动的写了一封邮件私下发了过去。开源项目用的人多说的少,最大原因是公司政策,特别大的公司用了也不好意思说。事实如此。 但开源是需要支持的,从用软件的那一刻起,就不是看客了。报bug,发pull request,重现bug,参与mailing list等。

Cisco webex



This module allows the server to be extended with scripts written in the
Lua programming language.
The extension points (hooks) available with mod_lua include many of
the hooks available to natively compiled Apache HTTP Server modules,
such as mapping requests to files, generating dynamic responses,
access control, authentication, and authorization

apache社区的开发paul querna也对集成入lua有很高的期待:

While this example comes out signifigantly longer, I do believe in the
long run it will let people write more maintainable configurations,
espcially for things like complicated RewriteRules — since basic things
that have long be obsecured into RewriteCond can now be
easily accessed and evaluated with an If statement in Lua.


At first, we went with Netscaler. Though it is possible, the content 
switching configuration is too complex and impossible to maintain. Then 
we tried perl module comes with standard nginx distro. It works better 
but not elegant, the perl script is scattered with random regex which is 
hard to read. In the end, we rewrote all the logic using 
nginx-lua.(rewrite_by_lua_file, content_by_lua_file).

In short, nginx and nginx-lua solve such task elegantly.

I think the best argument to integrate lua into nginx standard distro. 
is every company has some complex logic to implement. These tasks can 
not be solved by vanilla nginx even with the perl module. Then most 
people don't known nginx core and not comfortable programming at C 
level. Since reverse proxy like nginx set on the very front, there is 
very high demand on its stability. This excludes casual C module for 
nginx. Lua is a very approachable language for most people and it is