Full list of builtin execution modules

aliases Manage the information in the aliases file
alternatives salt.modules.alternatives
apache Support for Apache
apt Support for APT (Advanced Packaging Tool)
archive A module to wrap archive calls
at Wrapper module for at(1)
augeas_cfg Manages configuration files via augeas
bluez Support for Bluetooth (using Bluez in Linux)
brew Homebrew for Mac OS X
bridge Module for gathering and managing bridging informations
bsd_shadow Manage the password database on BSD systems
cassandra Cassandra NoSQL Database Module
cmdmod A module for shelling out
config Return config information
cp Minion side functions for salt-cp
cron Work with cron
daemontools daemontools service module. This module will create daemontools type
darwin_sysctl Module for viewing and modifying sysctl parameters
data Manage a local persistent data structure that can hold any arbitrary data
debconfmod Support for Debconf
debian_service Service support for Debian systems - uses update-rc.d and service to modify the
dig Compendium of generic DNS utilities
disk Module for gathering disk information
djangomod Manage Django sites
dnsmasq Module for managing dnqmasq
dnsutil Compendium of generic DNS utilities
dpkg Support for DEB packages
ebuild Support for Portage
eix Support for Eix
eselect Support for eselect: the Gentoo's configuration and management tool.
event Fire events on the minion, events can be fired up to the master
extfs Module for managing ext2/3/4 file systems
file Manage information about files on the minion, set/read user, group, and mode
freebsdjail The jail module for FreeBSD
freebsdkmod Module to manage FreeBSD kernel modules
freebsdpkg Package support for FreeBSD
freebsdservice The service module for FreeBSD
freebsd_sysctl Module for viewing and modifying sysctl parameters
gem Manage ruby gems.
gentoolkitmod Support for Gentoolkit
gentoo_service Top level package command wrapper, used to translate the os detected by the
git Support for the Git SCM
glance Module for handling openstack glance calls.
grains Return/control aspects of the grains data
groupadd Manage groups on Linux and OpenBSD
grub_legacy Support for GRUB Legacy
guestfs Interact with virtual machine images via libguestfs
hg Support for the Mercurial SCM
hosts Manage the information in the hosts file
img Virtual machine image management tools
iptables Support for iptables
keyboard Module for managing keyboards on POSIX-like systems.
key Functions to view the minion's public key information
keystone Module for handling openstack keystone calls.
kmod Module to manage Linux kernel modules
launchctl Module for the management of MacOS systems that use launchd/launchctl
layman Support for Layman
ldapmod Module to provide LDAP commands via salt.
linux_acl Support for Linux File Access Control Lists
linux_lvm Support for Linux LVM2
linux_sysctl Module for viewing and modifying sysctl parameters
localemod Module for managing locales on POSIX-like systems.
locate Module for using the locate utilities
logrotate Module for managing logrotate.
makeconf Support for modifying make.conf under Gentoo
match The match module allows for match routines to be run and determine target
mdadm Salt module to manage RAID arrays with mdadm
mine The function cache system allows for data to be stored on the master so it
mongodb Module to provide MongoDB functionality to Salt
monit Monit service module.
moosefs Module for gathering and managing information about MooseFS
mount Salt module to manage unix mounts and the fstab file
munin Run munin plugins/checks from salt and format the output as data.
mysql Module to provide MySQL compatibility to salt.
netbsdservice The service module for NetBSD
netbsd_sysctl Module for viewing and modifying sysctl parameters
network Module for gathering and managing network information
nfs3 Module for managing NFS version 3.
nginx Support for nginx
nova Module for handling openstack nova calls.
npm Manage and query NPM packages.
nzbget Support for nzbget
openbsdpkg Package support for OpenBSD
openbsdservice The service module for OpenBSD
osxdesktop Mac OS X implementations of various commands in the "desktop" interface
pacman A module to wrap pacman calls, since Arch is the best
pam Support for pam
parted Module for managing partitions on POSIX-like systems.
pecl Manage PHP pecl extensions.
pillar Extract the pillar data for this minion
pip Install Python packages with pip to either the system or a virtualenv
pkgin Package support for pkgin based systems, inspired from freebsdpkg.py
pkgng Support for pkgng
pkg_resource Resources needed by pkg providers
pkgutil Pkgutil support for Solaris
postgres Module to provide Postgres compatibility to salt.
poudriere Support for poudriere
ps A salt interface to psutil, a system and process library.
publish Publish a command from a minion to a target
puppet Execute puppet routines
pw_group Manage groups on FreeBSD
pw_user Manage users with the useradd command
qemu_img Qemu-img Command Wrapper
qemu_nbd Qemu Command Wrapper
quota Module for managing quotas on POSIX-like systems.
rabbitmq Module to provide RabbitMQ compatibility to Salt.
rbenv Manage ruby installations with rbenv.
reg Manage the registry on Windows
ret Module to integrate with the returner system and retrieve data sent to a salt
rh_ip The networking module for RHEL/Fedora based distros
rh_service Service support for RHEL-based systems. This interface uses the service and
rpm Support for rpm
rvm Manage ruby installations and gemsets with RVM, the Ruby Version Manager.
s3 Connection module for Amazon S3
saltutil The Saltutil module is used to manage the state of the salt minion itself. It
selinux Execute calls on selinux
service The default service module, if not otherwise specified salt will fall back
shadow Manage the shadow file
smartos_imgadm Module for running imgadm command on SmartOS
smartos_vmadm Module for managing VMs on SmartOS
smf Service support for Solaris 10 and 11, should work with other systems
solaris_group Manage groups on Solaris
solarispkg Package support for Solaris
solaris_shadow Manage the password database on Solaris systems
solaris_user Manage users with the useradd command
solr Apache Solr Salt Module
sqlite3 Support for SQLite3
ssh Manage client ssh components
state Control the state system on the minion
status Module for returning various status data about a minion.
supervisord Provide the service module for system supervisord or supervisord in a virtualenv
svn Subversion SCM
sysbench The 'sysbench' module is used to analyse the
sysmod The sys module provides information about the available functions on the
systemd Provide the service module for systemd
system Support for reboot, shutdown, etc
test Module for running arbitrary tests
timezone Module for managing timezone on POSIX-like systems.
tls A salt module for SSL/TLS.
tomcat Support for Tomcat
upstart Module for the management of upstart systems.
useradd Manage users with the useradd command
virt Work with virtual machines managed by libvirt
virtualenv_mod Create virtualenv environments
win_disk Module for gathering disk information on Windows
win_file Manage information about files on the minion, set/read user, group
win_groupadd Manage groups on Windows
win_network Module for gathering and managing network information
win_pkg A module to manage software on Windows
win_service Windows Service module.
win_shadow Manage the shadow file
win_status Module for returning various status data about a minion.
win_system Support for reboot, shutdown, etc
win_useradd Manage Windows users with the net user command
xapi This module (mostly) uses the XenAPI to manage Xen virtual machines.
yumpkg5 Support for YUM
yumpkg Support for YUM
zfs Module for running ZFS command
zpool Module for running ZFS zpool command
zypper Package support for openSUSE via the zypper package manager

Current Salt release: 0.16.0

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