Continuous deployment for everyone

Deploy your apps from GitHub, Bitbucket or your own repositories to one or many servers in one click.

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  • and self-hosted repositories
  • FTP
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Starts at $29 per month.
Free for open source.

Proven infrastructure

Here’s how it works

1 Initiate a deployment

Manually deploy with a click in the app, automatically deploy on each push, or use deploy tags in a commit [deploy:production].

2 We detect the changes gathers new and changed files from your repositories since the last deployment, making it fast and accurate. You can even preview the changes first.

3 Deployment is triggered

Files are uploaded, SSH commands are executed and deployment hooks are triggered. We log everything for you.

4 Team is notified

Your entire team can view release notes and optionally receive an email notification with details about the deployment status.

Environments overview
Environments overview
Deployments timeline
Deployments timeline
Deployment details
Deployment details: tickets, revisions & files

Simple pricing

Open Source Basic Plus Premium
1 public GitHub/Bitbucket repository 5 public and private repositories 15 public and private repositories 50 public and private repositories
Free Sign up $29/month Sign up $79/month Sign up $199/month Sign up

All plans include: Unlimited servers, unlimited users, unlimited deployments, email and chat support.

dploy is brought to you by Beanstalk, a hosted version control and deployment service used by over 70,000 customers since 2007. Rather have code hosting and deployments in one place? Try Beanstalk.

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