Shell (SSH) deployments

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2013 12:08PM EDT

Setting up the Server

Shell deployments allow you to trigger shell commands on your remote server when you commit or push to, or directly from your account manually. To use shell deployments you’ll need to specify a server name, server address (URL or IP), port, credentials and the shell commands you want to execute during deploy.

In the commands section, you’ll specify all of the shell commands that you would like to run on your remote server, each command on a separate line.

There are some variables that you can use in your commands:

  • %REVISION% variable will be replaced with the revision that is being deployed.
  • %FROM_SCRATCH?% will be replaced with 1 or 0, depending whether deployment is from scratch or not.
  • %BRANCH% is the branch that is being deployed.
  • %COMMENT% is comment associated with the deployment.
  • %USER_NAME% name of the user who triggered the deployment.

Please be careful when using shell commands, shell deployments are powerful but also dangerous. Please double check the commands before finishing setup.

Public key authentication

If you prefer, you can use public key authentication instead of a password to connect to your remote server.

Use public key for authentication

If you decided to use public key authentication, make sure to download’s public key (which we provide on the server setup page) and install it on your remote server. All servers that are added to the same repository have the same key. You are ready to go after that.

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