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MemSQL accelerates applications and powers real-time analytics used by a variety of industries. With the world's fastest in-memory database at the heart of our platform, companies can analyze terabyte-scale datasets in milliseconds to make data-driven decisions, better engage customers, and discover competitive advantages.

Data Scientists
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MemSQL Accelerates Industries.

Media & Ads

Media and advertising companies have a wealth of new data sources. With MemSQL’s real-time analytics platform, they can leverage data for real-time attribution, bidding, and campaign optimization.

Mobile Apps

Mobile app and game developers must deliver engaging user experiences without delay. With MemSQL, developers benefit from both operational analytics and real-time processing while gaining the ability to add new features such as advanced match-making to their apps.


When time is money, you can’t afford to wait for a slow data warehouse. Financial services companies use MemSQL for real-time trend analysis, fraud detection, risk management, network security, and other use cases.


Government and defense agencies face some of the toughest Big Data challenges as they need to rapidly ingest and analyze terabytes of data to discover both anomalies and complex patterns. Governments use MemSQL for complex pattern analysis, network security, and to identify the proverbial needle in a haystack.

What The Analysts Are Saying.

“The main business value offered by an IMDBMS is that it enables new business opportunities that would not have been possible previously. One example would be the sending of SMS discount coupons to customers based on their preferences when they are in, or close to, a shop. Another example comes from online gambling, whereby computing of the handicap could occur as the match is ongoing. To support such use cases, both the transactional data and the analytics need to be available in real time.” Gartner Research, Who’s Who in In-Memory DBMSs. Sept. 2012
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