The Fastest In-Memory Database.

MemSQL is the leading in-memory SQL database that provides businesses with a cost-effective and horizontally scalable solution to manage today’s Big Data. Companies like Zynga, Shutterstock, Comcast, and Morgan Stanley are using MemSQL to accelerate applications, power real-time analytics, improve customer experiences, and reduce costs.

The World's Fastest In-Memory SQL Database
Fast. Really Fast.
MemSQL is the world's fastest in-memory SQL database. MemSQL's execution engine is designed for maximum speed and efficiency, providing sub-second latency on terabyte-scale workloads.
Scalable Distributed Architecture.
Grow your database to thousands of nodes and hundreds of terabytes on commodity hardware for easy horizontal scale-out that maximizes performance and capacity.
ANSI SQL Support.
MemSQL uses ANSI SQL. This enables easy integration with existing applications without costly query rewrites or custom connectors. In addition, MemSQL is MySQL wire compatible.
JSON Analytics.
MemSQL enables real-time analytics on structured and JSON data together in one high-performance database.
“MemSQL is the most powerful real-time processing engine we’ve evaluated. It is changing the way that we can collect, analyze, and interact with our data.” Chris Fischer, Vice President of Technology Operations, Shutterstock

MemSQL’s in-memory SQL database solution unleashes the full potential of Big Data by speeding up the ability to capture, query, and store data. To further accelerate query processing, MemSQL has optimized its massively parallelized execution engine to leverage all resources and uses patent-pending technology to convert SQL to machine code for unmatched speed while querying terabytes of data.

Waiting Sucks. Join the Real-Time Revolution.

Data volumes are rapidly increasing, and applications need real-time responsiveness. These shifts require that you upgrade your expectations and your data architecture. With MemSQL, you can leverage Big Data when it’s most important - at the time it is generated. MemSQL is ideal for use cases that require instant access to both real-time and historical data. Leading companies use MemSQL to power applications such as:

Fastest In-Memory SQL Database for Operational Analytics
Operational Analytics.
Understand how your business is performing in real-time at the most granular level and immediately respond to your customers.

Fastest In-Memory SQL Database for Operations Security
Operations Security.
When your customers are subjected to malicious attacks, you need to know immediately to prevent financial losses and the erosion of customer confidence.

Fastest In-Memory SQL database for Marketing Campaign Optimization
Marketing Campaign Optimization.
Identify your top performing channels in real-time and shift investment away from underperforming channels. Modify campaigns on the fly to get the most for your marketing dollars.

Fastest In-Memory SQL Database for Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management.
Leverage sensor and machine data from warehouses and shipping channels to keep inventory lean and optimize timing and routes for resupply.

Fastest In-Memory SQL Database for Real-Time Trend Analysis
Real-Time Trend Analysis.
Capitalize on fluctuations in the market as they happen. See what’s happening on the trading floor in real-time by exchange, stock ticker, or trader.
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