PyPi Mirror Installer

The PyPi mirror installer is a source-installation kit that installs a PyPi mirror and all its dependencies. 

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Installation Instructions
The installer will compile Nginx and it will install required python eggs from Pypi. (See "Dependencies" below.)

PLEASE NOTE: You have the option to run the installation as root or a normal user.

First of all, edit buildout.cfg and modify the following parameters:

 * 'mirror-base' at 'repository' section. This is the directory where all packages will be downloaded. Example:
    mirror-base = /media/sd/pypi

 * 'url' at 'mirror-config'. That URL will be the URL for access to your PyPi mirror. Example:
    url =

Once you have installed all required dependencies, you can continue with the installation process. So you execute the following command:

You should have the buildout environment ready to go. Now, you must execute the buildout installation:
    >> bin/buildout

At the end, you should have the 'bin/pypimirror' binary. Now it's time to start downloading packages from PyPi executing the following command:
    >> bin/pypimirror -I -c -v etc/pypi/pypimirror.cfg

The following packages are necessary to run buildout and install the PyPi mirror.
1) setuptools
2) gcc
3) GNU make
4) libpcre3-dev
5) libssl-dev

Startup/Shutdown/Restart instructions

You should run bin/supervisord and Nginx server should be automatically started.

To start Nginx,
    >> $HOME/bin/supervisorctl start nginx 

To stop Nginx,
    >> $HOME/bin/supervisorctl stop nginx 

To restart Nginx,
    >> $HOME/bin/supervisorctl restart nginx

To check status,
    >> $HOME/bin/supervisorctl status nginx

Also, you can access to Supervisor Admin Pannel at:


(Use the default admin password in doc/adminPassword.txt)

To change the admin password, edit the supervisor part in buildout.cfg and run bin/buildout.

Password changes will not be reflected in doc/adminPassword.txt.

 - Nginx server runs on port 8080
 - Supervisord server runs on port 9000

Edit buildout.cfg and run bin/buildout to change ports.

Post-installation instructions
Now, we have our PyPi mirror ready to go. We must to run the following command:

    >> $HOME/bin/pypimirror -I -c -v $HOME/etc/pypi/pypimirror.cfg

This command will start downloading all packages from PyPi. When finished an index.html file will be generated containing an index with all downloaded packages.

At this time, you should be able to access to that index at:


Mirror update
When the buildout installation process has finished it configures a cron job for keeping the mirror up to date every two hours.

You can see this cron job executing the following command:
    >> crontab -l

Edit the buildout.cfg and run bin/buildout to change the cron job execution frequency.

Uninstall instructions
1) Stop supervisord
2) Remove the folder $HOME/pypi-mirror

Backup instructions
1) Stop supervisord
2) Back up the folder $HOME/pypi-mirror
    >> tar cvzf pypi-mirror-backup.tar.gz $HOME/pypi-mirror

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