This section describes how to install Crate Data on a single node. In order to get a Crate cluster up and running it is enough to repeat the process on another machine if the network supports multicast. The Nodes will discover and form a cluster automatically. Just like magic.

In case the network doesn’t support multicast, a unicast configuration is required. Please refer to our article on Multi Node Setup in order to learn how to setup the unicast configuration.

Install via tar.gz

After downloading the latest stable version of Crate Data from the package needs to be unpacked:

sh$ tar zxf crate-*.tar.gz
sh$ cd crate-*

Once unpacked Crate can be started in the foreground like this:

sh$ ./bin/crate

In order to start in the background add the -d option. If started in the foreground you can use Control-C to stop the process again.

The CrateShell (Crash) is shipped with the tarball distribution. You can start the shell using the crash command:

sh$ ./bin/crash

The Crate distribution also comes with a web based administration interface. It is served on port 4200 and you can access it with your browser once Crate is started:


Crate Data needs a working Java 7 virtual machine. We recommend using Oracle’s Java on OSX and OpenJDK on Linux Systems.

Install using Docker

Docker is a lightweigt runtime to run distributed applications in a sandboxed container. We provide a Docker image for Crate for easy installation:

sh$ docker pull crate/crate
sh$ docker run -d -p 4200:4200 -p 4300:4300 crate/crate

The images are hosted on the Docker Hub Registry. There is additional information on how to run Crate in a Docker container on the docker-crate Github repository.

Install Crate Data for Production

We provide distributions for RHEL/YUM based systems, Ubuntu and Arch Linux.

You can find instruction how to install Crate Data for production on the Download page.

In case your distribution is missing feel free to contact us. We’re happy to create and maintain additional packages if we see enough interest.

See also

Configuring Crate Data

Hello Crate - To learn how to interact with Crate.

Multi Node Setup - To see how to install and run Crate in a Multi Node setup.

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