pip vs easy_install

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Last Reviewed:2014-12-24

easy_install was released in 2004, as part of setuptools. It was notable at the time for installing packages from PyPI using requirement specifiers, and automatically installing dependencies.

pip came later in 2008, as alternative to easy_install, although still largely built on top of setuptools components. It was notable at the time for not installing packages as Eggs or from Eggs (but rather simply as ‘flat’ packages from sdists), and introducing the idea of Requirements Files, which gave users the power to easily replicate environments.

Here’s a breakdown of the important differences between pip and easy_install now:

  pip easy_install
Installs from Wheels Yes No
Uninstall Packages Yes (pip uninstall) No
Dependency Overrides Yes (Requirements Files) No
List Installed Packages Yes (pip list and pip freeze) No
PEP438 Support Yes No
Installation format ‘Flat’ packages with egg-info metadata. Encapsulated Egg format
sys.path modification No Yes
Installs from Eggs No Yes
pylauncher support No Yes [1]
Multi-version Installs No Yes