At the command line:

$ [sudo] pip install cookiecutter

Or, if you do not have pip:

$ [sudo] easy_install cookiecutter

Though, pip is recommended.

Or, if you are using conda:

$ conda install -c cookiecutter

Alternate installations

Homebrew (Mac OS X only):

$ brew install cookiecutter

Pipsi (Linux/OSX only):

$ pipsi install cookiecutter

Upgrading from 0.6.4 to 0.7.0 or greater

First, read History in detail. There are a lot of major changes. The big ones are:

  • Cookiecutter no longer deletes the cloned repo after generating a project.
  • Cloned repos are saved into ~/.cookiecutters/.
  • You can optionally create a ~/.cookiecutterrc config file.

Upgrade Cookiecutter either with easy_install:

$ [sudo] easy_install --upgrade cookiecutter

Or with pip:

$ [sudo] pip install -U cookiecutter

Then you should be good to go.