The current release is Nuitka 0.5.27, which is a good replacement of CPython with somewhat better performance. A 258% speed factor for the PyStone benchmark. The project didn't focus much on the performance side of things so far, therefore more improvements are expected in the future.

These archives are source and can be used directly, simply start with bin/nuitka --help and read README.pdf to get started.

Source Archives

Stable Sources

Stable releases are supported with hot fixes.

Development Sources

Develop releases are snapshots of the current development.


Stable Packages

Development Packages

PyPI / pip

There is Nuitka on PyPI as well. So you can install with pip as follows.

  • Stable:

    pip install -U nuitka
  • Develop:

    pip install -U ';a=snapshot;h=refs/heads/develop;sf=tgz'


  • GIT_LOGO Stable: git clone
  • GIT_LOGO Develop: git clone --branch develop

Then do your own modifications, and do git pull --rebase each time there is a new release. To reduce your differences, feel free to send me pull requests or the patches you create with git format-patch <commit-id> and I will likely merge it.


If you publish your own repository of Nuitka, please be so kind and name it "Nuitka-unoffical" or similar, or else it might be mistaken with the real thing, and drop me a line about it, just so I know.


Visit for a mirror of the Nuitka repository on Gitlab.


Visit for a mirror of the Nuitka repository on Bitbucket.