What is PyPRI?

PyPRI is a low cost, cloud-based private package index for your Python packages. It allows you to securely share and distribute your packages to specific specific people. Packages can be uploaded using twine, and installed using pip

Signing up

The first stage of signing up to PyPRI is to select a tier. PyPRI supports three tiers:

Free tier

Free tier allows you to create public packages only, up to 1GB total storage. All packages will be created as public by default, and you will not be able to create additional users accounts or access tokens

Standard tier

Standard tier allows you to create unlimited private packages, completely control access to them, and manage up to 100 additional user accounts.

Advanced tier

Advanced tier has all the same benefits as standard tier, with the added advantage of 50GB storage space

Choose your tier from the home page and specify your account email and username. You will need to verify your email address to continue

Creating your first package

When you create a new account, a private Python package cloud will be created. To retrieve the URL for this, click on the add button on your homepage:

This will display the URL to your private cloud, along with the command required to upload packages:

Test your cloud by uploading a package with the command shown. If you don't have a package to hand, you can use the one saved here. Start a terminal instance from the folder containing your package to upload, and enter the following commands

$ pip install twine


Successfully installed pkginfo-1.4.2 requests-toolbelt-0.8.0 tqdm-4.23.3 twine-1.11.0

$ twine upload --repository-url https://api.python-private-package-index.com/my-cloud-id/ *


Uploading distributions to https://api.python-private-package-index.com/my-cloud-id/

Enter your username: me@example.com

Enter your password: ********

Uploading django-carrot-1.1.3.tar.gz

If everything worked correctly, you will see your package listed in the homepage

Installing packages

Packages can be installed via PIP. The command can be retrieved by clicking on the icon in the package box (shown above)

$ pip install django-carrot -i https://api.python-private-package-index.com/my-cloud-id/


Successfully installed django-carrot-1.1.3

Creating users and sharing packages

PyPRI allows you to create 100 users per paid account. New users can be created from the bottom of the My account section

New users will receive an email prompting them to sign up and set a password. They will need to do this before they can start using PyPRI

As an administrator, you have full access to create, view and edit all packages created in PyPRI by your own users. To give other users access to your packages, you need to create an access token. This is done in the Access tab of the package dialog for an individual package

To create an access token, simply select a user from the drop down list and click the "Add" button. By default, access tokens are created with read access, which allows them to install packages via pip. Selecting the "Write access" checkbox allows users to update the package via twine. Only one token per user can be created for each package

Further support?

Contact us via email for any further queries

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