I read few articles this evening and I stumbled upon a nice github repo that has roadmaps for FrontEnd Dev, BackEnd Dev and DevOps.

I would say it is quite spot on as I can relate to image shown below. If you go to like /r/Devops on Reddit , few times a week you will see people questioning how to become a DevOps.

A DevOps person to me is someone that is extraordinary generalist. Has background in many IT fields such as Networking, Sys Admin, Dev, Software Engineer and basically understands application lifecycle from end to end.

I seen many DevOps positions but to me they are more of a Dev or Sys positions rather than "DevOps", but who am I to say what is a DevOps Engineer when there is so much that goes into that position.

Anyway, the point of this article was for me to share you that great Github Repo by kamranahmedse, take a look at it and comment below your thoughts on if it really takes that much to become a "DevOps" Engineer.

I've been in IT field for almost two decades starting as a
Help Desk, Tier1/2/3 Support (unix/linux), Network Engineer, Software Engineer, Systems Specialist(Dev), Systems Engineer and for past 5-6y a DevOps Engineer.

For me to hire a DevOps Engineer, I would be ok if he/she knew
How to code (Pick fav language)
How to manage AWS/GCE/Azure (pick one)
How to troubleshoot network
How to build pipeline for any CI/CD
Get along(support) with Devs/Ops/Noc/Qa etc..
Innovate and not being afraid of trying new things as well as make life easier for him/her self and others.

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